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Customer Experience Consultant - giving businesses advice to set up and transform Customer Service, and automate communications.

Customer Experience Management expert, having working in Marketing Communications, CRM and Retention for over 15 years. Focuses on using insights to better understand consumer behaviour and their ever changing expectations to improve overall experience and satisfaction.

A natural innovator, I'm always on the look out to take advantage of developing technology to innovate and improve user journeys.

I’ve developed programs where:

• 95% of CRM programs are automated
• 50% of acquisition is via member get member
• 99% of customer care is DIY or through the help of a community
• I've reduced existing customer care costs by more than 50%

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You are not a natural procrastinator

January 7, 2022
You are not a natural-born procrastinator nor is your perfectionist nature the reason why you're not doing the thing that you know that you should be doing.